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Bike AdvertWe all know that exercise is the best way to lose weight and get back into shape, but let’s face it. Most exercise is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Naked Blonde On BikeTake bicycle riding, for example. Sure, it’s better for the environment than popping out to the store in your car. And there’s no question that it’s better for your health, not to mention being economical. But it’s boring as hell. Now, you may ask, what can be done to make bike riding less boring and more exciting? What would you like? Do you want your bike to get you off, too? Well, OK. You can now have multiple orgasms while riding your bike! No lie!

Vibrating Seat CoverThe Happy Ride, made by Sexshop365 (which sounds like a Twitter username but it actually is an UK adult toy store), is a battery powered bicycle seat cover that vibrates while you pedal around. The controls are hidden in a discreet pocket in the back so you can adjust it to your preferred level of stimulation, from “Ooooo, this is NICE!” to “OH GOD THE LIGHT’S TURNING RED, FUCK IT, I’M CUMINNNNNG!!”

Naked Bike Riding RedheadIt looks like a pretty standard black bike seat cover — no rabbit attachments or 9″ purple dildos sticking out (although that could be an exciting accessory…) — so nobody needs to know how much you’re truly enjoying your ride. The fact that you’re riding your bike is a perfect explanation of why you’re red-faced and panting uncontrollably. Or that when you take the seat off your bike and bring it into work with you, that its not just a theft-prevention measure. Of course, it may be more practical to forgo wearing spandex shorts and instead, wear a skirt that nicely covers the seat, but make sure to leave your knickers at home so you have good pussy-to-seat contact! If you’re real daring, ride the bike in the nude, although this may draw unwanted attention in some locales.

Naked Group of GirlsSo there you have it! Get some solid exercise and save the environment whilst riding to the store, work or to church on Sunday! That’s all for now, sweethearts! As for me, I think I’ll spend the $40 and upgrade my bike seat!

Poppy xxxxxx

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