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A Space Oddity – Chris Hadfield

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When I first saw this version of David Bowie’s ‘A Space Oddity’ performed by Commander Chris Hadfield from the International Space Station (ISS), I must have watched it a dozen times. First off, it’s a brilliantly creative idea, it’s certainly well done and the views from the ISS are nothing short of spectacular! The editing work of the Commander’s brother, Evan Hadfield, is also first rate.

David Bowie himself has given Commander Hadfield the thumbs up for the Canadian astronaut’s zero gravity version of Space Oddity. The five-minute video was praised on Bowie’s official Facebook page: “It’s possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created.”

Cmdr Chris HadfieldThere you have it. Commander Hadfield, Canada’s top astronaut, had a brilliant idea. David Bowie, the original composer and performer of the song is fully in favour of it. The 15 million (and counting) YouTube hits show that the people of Earth approve. HOWEVER, as you might assume, there is somebody who has gotten their pubic hair in a twist over it. Copyright attorneys. Yup, the bloodsucking leeches of the entertainment industry. They are attempting to figure out which country’s copyright laws may have been violated by the unapproved (1) video recording, (2) audio recording and (3) – wait for it… this is a killer.. performance before a live audience, i.e., the other astronauts and cosmonauts onboard the ISS.

Bloody hell! When the composer, original performer and OWNER of the copyright, namely David Bowie, has no problem with it, where the hell do these greedy tossers get off opening their pie holes about it!

Pisses me off! And I say, Live Long And Prosper, Commander Hadfield! Uh-oh.. I think the Paramount attorneys are knocking at me door…

Love ya all
Poppy xxxxxx

Time For A Tablet?

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Apple_iPadI’ve been involved with technology for quite some time. It all began due to my interest in old Sci-Fi movies on the Telly. Not to mention Doctor Who, Star Trek, Space 1999 (remember that one?). I also latched onto astronomy and physics sites as they became available on the Internet. I’ve worked with computers for quite some time, predominately in graphics design, and more recently, data center and server farm design and setup. I own desktop PCs, servers, laptops, smart phones, storage arrays…. You get the picture.

So_Many_TabletsNow it’s confession time. I do not own, nor, until recently, have I ever seen a reason to own, a tablet PC. I can hear the gasps and cries of “Heretic!!”. I’ve always been from the school of buying equipment that was designed to be upgradable. You need a larger hard drive? Buy a larger one and replace the drive. Perhaps get rid of the hard drive altogether and install a Solid State Drive, like I’ve done with my laptops. Same thing holds for faster CPU’s, more memory, higher resolution displays; the list goes on. However, none of that is possible with a tablet. What you buy is what you will have until you decide to replace the entire unit. And when they were introduce, tablets were rather on the expensive side for something I would want to replace six months later.

Kindle_Fire_HD_8,9All that being said, I am starting to come around, mainly because competition has increased the choices available and prices have tumbled to a fraction of what they were s few years ago. So, I am thinking it may be time to pick one up. I so have a Kindle Reader which I use while flying. Perhaps a good way to start would be to upgrade to a Kindle Fire. I’ll keep you posted on my experience.

Comments? What are your recommendations?

Let me know!

Love you all, Poppy xxxxx

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