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Women in IT


Woman Using Laptop‘Women in It’ is a subject near and dear to my heart as Information Technology is my chosen profession and I am most definitely a woman. One thing I have noticed that has been in the press recently is the totally unbalanced ratio of men and women in scientific and technical fields. Why is this? Don’t lambaste me with the old adage of how men are better than women at spatial concepts and mathematics. While there are, indeed, scientific and technical jobs that involve heavy use of mathematics, Information Technology isn’t really one of them one of them. Granted, people designing new hardware use mathematics and such, the vast majority of people in the field simply do not. So why aren’t there more women in IT?

The answer is probably staring us in the face. Think about it. Computer peeps are regarded as geeks, hackers and nerds. We have the reputation, thanks mostly to Hollywood, of being anti-social loners who live in their mother’s basement and have no interest in their appearance. Young girls are strongly discouraged from any activity or behaviour that could lead to being tagged with any one of those labels.

Dr. Shirley HuBelieve me, I know. I felt the pressure during my early teen years to conform to what society saw as the well defined roles for males and females. Fuck that. I took my first computer apart and reassembled it when I was 12 years old because I simply HAD to know how it worked. And yes, it still worked when I was done. I played video games, wrote scripts and software programs for my own use, explored the then up-and-coming world of UNIX and built my own systems. But that wasn’t all I was. I was then and am now a very sexual person. I hit puberty when I was 9 and I’ve been masturbating for as long as I can remember. I gave my first blowjob at 13, first swallowed at 14 and lost my virginity on my 15th birthday. My first girl-girl experience was at 17. I loved sex then and I love sex now. I worked as a bartender in a nude club in The Netherlands where I also danced nude on the bar. I have done nude modeling and even a few porn videos. I still do nude photos, some of which are on this site with lots more on my Twitter site (forgive my little bit of shameless promotion, but you can click that blue button over on the right hand sidebar and see for yourself).

Dr. Lucianne WalkowiczMy point in relating all this? There does not exist a situation where a woman with intellect cannot also be beautiful, sexual and feminine. And the reverse is certainly true. Yet Hollywood, even in 2013, portrays pretty woman as mental morons and intellectual women as plain and drab. Or worse yet, the intellectual woman is plain and drab until some friend convinces her to take off her glasses, fix her hair and buy new clothes and she is then stunning, but she will, inevitably, go out and do something extremely stupid, usually involving a man. Then we have the Hollywood image of the beautiful, sexual, intellectual woman; the evil mastermind, the evil martial arts expert, the home-wrecker… It is with few exceptions that teenagers of both sexes have it drilled into them that girls can be pretty or smart, but not both. And if they happen to be both, they had better hide the fact they have brains lest the be labelled a geek, a nerd or worse.

Dr. Amy MainzerI do see some streaks of light breaking through the darkness. There are shows on the Science Channel and the Discovery channel that show attractive, educated, intellectual women scientists in roles integral to the show, not just fluff support roles. Women like Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz and Dr. Amy Mainzer.. I would love to have an intellectual discussion with either one of them for hours on end, or have sex with them. Having the discussion and sex would be ideal!

Women in IT We need more women interested in the sciences and technology. We need to educate our children that they can be smart, sexy and beautiful. Because they got an “A” in Physics doesn’t mean they won’t have a date on Saturday night. I’m proof of that! We also need to educate the corporations of the world to pay equal money for equal work and ability irregardless of gender. We need more positive role models in the cinema, television and all other entertainment businesses. Their future, our future, in fact the very survival of the human race is at stake. Let’s not mess this up due to some backwoods, Luddite belief that it cannot be done simply because it has never been done.

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2 Responses to “Women in IT”

  1. Suzy Stevens says:

    You are with out a doubt the most intelligent women I know! Oh and sexy as hell! Your the love of my life!


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