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Clowns ARE Evil!

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Killer KlownsClowns are evil. This should come as absolutely no surprise to those of you who know me. I know some of you think me a bit mental for thinking this, but after exhaustive research (well, ok, I sorta tripped over an article on Anorak whilst looking to see if there were any new photos of nude Royals…), I now have documented proof! It seems that back in 1854, a thirteen and a half year old lad named William Snyder was gruesomely murdered by an evil circus clown who had picked him up and swung him around by his heels.

William Snyder Obit

The obit is sparse and all we know is that William was killed by a circus clown and either died or was buried on January 11th, 1854. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and died in San Francisco, California. Tim Curry ITFor those of you who are not aware, those cities are separated by some 2000 miles of land, mountains and canyons. Not exactly a day trip in 1854. The only way to get there was by horse drawn wagon and we all remember how well the winter of 1846 went for the Donner Party, don’t we?

Was William an audience member or one of the performers? In 1854, I would say it more likely he had run away from home to join the circus. Or perhaps he traveled out there with his family in ’49 when they decided to join the gold rush. We will never know. All I can say is stay the fuck away from clowns! Stephen King had it right!

Kim Kardashian tits and pussyIf you’ve read this far, I have a special bonus for you which I thought might help us get over our fear of clowns. Have you ever wanted to see what a clown looks like naked? If they were nude, one might assume they would be less scary and help us desensitize ourselves from coulrophobia, right? Sorry. Seems that it didn’t work. This clown, completely nude, is still pretty fucking scary!

Love ya all!

Poppy xxxxxx

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