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Nikola Tesla


Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla, perhaps the Greatest Geek that ever lived! Tesla was a Serbian born American inventor, engineer, scientist, philosopher and visionary. He is the person who designed and built the Alternating Current electric motor and pushed for the adoption of AC electrical supply over the then preferred DC supply that Edison promoted. Tesla battled life-threatening illnesses as a youth, had a nervous breakdown in his twenties from overwork and in later years, suffered from OCD. He was obsessed with the number three. For example, he would walk around a city block three times before entering a building. When he lived at the Park Plaza Hotel, his suite was on the 33rd floor. When dining at a restaurant, he would require 18 napkins (multiple of 3) which he would use to polish the silverware and plates before eating.

Nikola Tesla in his laboratoryHe was issued over 300 patents for his inventions and was a proponent of wireless transmission of electric power through the air much as radio waves are. By the way, he also invented the wireless radio a year ahead of Marconi, but Marconi got all the press as his was a variable frequency device (tuner) and Tesla’s was a fixed frequency device (select 1 of 3 frequencies) .

Westinghouse funded much of Tesla’s early work in return for the rights to his patents. Edison had much the same deal with General Electric. It is no secret that a large degree of animosity existed between Tesla and Edison that started with Edison promising Tesla (an Edison employee at that time) $50,000 if he could re-design a power plant to be more efficient. When Tesla did so and asked for the money, Edison (a well known tight-wad) laughed and said he had been joking when he promised the money and instead gave Tesla a $10 raise. Tesla resigned his position and started his own company with funding from Westinghouse and J.P Morgan (the millionaire himself, not the bank!)

Chicago World's FairTesla invented the world’s first electric car that purportedly did not use batteries but received the power through the air from a wireless transmission station. I say purportedly since he did not patent the device and died shortly after demonstrating it to his nephew. His notes on the design of the car were never found. His AC generators, built by Westinghouse, lit up the nigh at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, giving all a glimpse into the future.

Ok… Where am I going with all this rambling? Tesla, a genius years ahead of his time, provided the basis for most of the technology we enjoy today. However, there is not a single Nikola Tesla Museum in the US! Not one! Fortunately, there is a group working to change that. The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe is raising funds to buy the site of Tesla’s laboratory in Shoreham, New York to restore the grounds and buildings and create the first Tesla museum in the US. The cost for the site itself is $1.7 million. Wardenclyffe in Shoreham, NYThe organization has secured a matching grant from New York State meaning they had to raise $880,000 in 45 days in order to bid on the property. The campaign started and they raised over $1,000,000 in only 5 days, including a $40,000 donation from the owner of Tesla Motors!

But the need for funding does not stop here. They need significantly more to clean up the site, restore the buildings and create the museum. I realize the economy is shite, but if you can see your way clear to donate anything at all, please go to their website or to The Oatmeal Tesla Site and help make this dream a reality.

Love and kisses, Poppy

Firefox 15

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FirefoxGood news, I hope! Firefox 15.0 is soon to be released which addresses, amongst other things, ‘Add-on’ memory leaks. For the first time, closing a tab that uses Add-ons will release the memory allocated for use by said Add-on. This may not sound like a big deal, but trust me; it is! Previously, the allocated memory would remain allocated although unused and unusable by anything else until you completely exited from Firefox. This unused allocated memory is referred to internally by Firefox developers as ‘zombie compartments’.

Disable Firefox Add-onsAs long as we’re talking about Firefox, you may or may not have noticed a recent (June-ish?) problem whereby Firefox, in a random fashion, does not recognize hyperlinks rendering them impossible to click on and visit the website. Related to this problem is that Firefox may not allow you click on the address bar and enter a URL. This has been (unofficially) traced to an incompatibility with the latest version of the Yahoo! toolbar. If you are experiencing this type of behaviour, disable the Yahoo! toolbar and see if it corrects the issue. If not, restart Firefox with all Add-ons disabled. If the problem goes away, try activating the Add-ons on at a time and when the problem comes back, the last one you enabled is the likely culprit. Chances are if the Yahoo! toolbar isn’t responsible, the Babylon Add-on you installed is.

One last note, Firefox 15 for Android has also been released but as a Betas. It contains known bugs (as well as unknown ones!) and is billed as ‘For Testing Purposes Only’. You have been warned! Use at your own risk as your mileage may vary…
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Love ya all, Poppy xxxxxx

Pic of the Day

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Well, Pics of the day, actually… I was surfing through one of my favorite sites, Anorak.com, and found these cool behind the scenes photos taken in 1954 during the filming of the original (and best!) version of Godzilla. Go to their site to see the rest of them!

Godzilla Pic 1

You want me to stick my tail WHERE???

Godzilla Pic 2

Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die!

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