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Snipping ToolThere’s a hidden tool included with Windows 7 that I’m glad to have found out about as well as a little embarrassed I didn’t already know about it! It’s called the Snipping Tool and it quite easily lets you capture any part of your screen an save it in a choice of formats. When I have had to do this in the past, I used either a program like Snagit, or I would do the Alt-PrintScreen thingy and paste into an image editing tool like Paint. Then I would crop the picture to what I want before saving it.

Snipping Tool MenuUsing Snipping, you’re cropping the pic before copying it as all you need do is click and drag your mouse to form a box around the part you want. You can then save the results, add highlights to it or send it to the clipboard. Easy-peasy. You can even choose to draw a box free-form or select the entire screen.

How do you find this nifty little app? The easiest way is to click on your Start button and type ‘snipping’ into the ‘Search Programs and Files’ box. When ‘Snipping Tool’ appears in the top of the box, right click it and select ‘Send to Desktop’. Done.

It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words, and now they’re easier to get than ever!

Till next time, Happy Snipping!

Love, Poppy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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