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Poppy by the PoolThat’s right, send me your nude photos! I’ve been described as oversexed because I really enjoy sex and I enjoy looking at photos of nude people, but I really don’t see that as a problem and neither does The Boyfriend! You’ve all seen me in the nude, so how about returning the favour? If you send me your nude pics, I’ll post them on a page in my blog. Don’t worry, I will NOT include any identifying information so have no fears!

My Hard NipplesSo come on! If you’ve never posed in the nude before, you have no idea how liberating it makes you feel. Be a little daring! But if you don’t feel comfortable being totally nude, topless photos are always welcome, and you don’t have to show your face if you’d rather not. After all, teasing can be very erotic as well.

Take your digital pics (preferably large sized) and send them in JPG or PNG format to my personal address, Poppy@TheSexyTechie.com and remember, it’s your patriotic duty to help provide stimulus and this idea is certainly stimulating!

Love you all!

Poppy xxxxxxxxxx

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