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The War On Terror Is Over

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War on Terror Uncle Sam Poster The war on terror is over according to the Barack Obama administration. I must have missed the memo… But there it is in black and white in The Weekly Standard. The Obama administration announced today that the war on terror is over. Yup. No more terrorism. Maybe someone should inform the TSA who according to the Daily Mail (UK), threatened to shutdown the Wichita, Kansas airport. Why? Because a 4 year old girl hugged her Grandmum for a couple of seconds, during which time, the TSA claims, the Grandmum slipped the 4 year old a gun, who then, without anyone seeing it happen, deftly hid the gun inside her teddy bear. TSA PatdownsAll that sleight of hand by a 4 year old in a couple of seconds in plain view of everyone in the security line. The TSA rent-a-cop starts yelling and grabbing the little girl who, quite understandably, began crying and freaking out which is why they were going to shut down the ENTIRE airport. The TSA rent-a-cop insisted she knew the little girl had a gun in her teddy bear because she had found one in a teddy bear once. Sure. An anonymous government official making a wild-ass generalized statement with absolutely no corroboration. How about it Broomhilda? Where did you find the teddy bear gun, when was it, who were the people involved and where the hell was it reported in the media?

Barack Obama may also want to notify the Radical Islamists that they can put away their RPGs and IEDs, declare Jihad is over and done with and that they should send their suicide bombers away on holiday, because I don’t think they got the memo either.

But let’s get back on topic. President Obama says the war on terror is over… Ok… Then can someone please explain to me:

TSA Boob Check1. why is the TSA still groping little children and 93 year old great grandmothers?

2. why are soldiers still dying in Afghanistan?

3. why are soldiers still in Iraq? (Yes, they are. The ‘official’ troops were moved over the border to Kuwait, where they, umm, wait. But get this: The US Embassy in Baghdad lists a staff of 16,000! Holy Shit! That is one hell of a clerical staff, don’t you think?)

4. why is Al Qaeda still taking responsibility for daily bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan that kill dozens?

5. why does the US State Department list such countries as Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Tunisia and many more as places Americans should not travel as they may be placing their lives in danger?

The Patriot Act6. why is GITMO still in operation?

7. why is the Department of Homeland Security continuing to nullify The Constitution?

8. why do I have the distinct feeling that the Patriot Act and the NDAA (which gives the Justice Department authority to arrest American citizens and hold them without charges, legal representation or communication with family members for as long as the government wants) will NOT be scaled back or repealed?

Ok. So the war on terror is over. In that case, I have just one more question:

Who the fuck won?

Microsoft Word and URLs


Microsoft Office 2010 ProfessionalHave you ever tried to place a URL in a Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet, presentation or a Microsoft Outlook email only to end up with only part of the URL active? I’ll bet anything the problem is that the URL you’re trying to insert has an embedded space in the middle and that the active link in the document ends right at the space. There is a very good explanation for this behaviour and it was implemented entirely by design. Microsoft uses detection of a space as indicating that the URL has ended, If they didn’t, once you started entering an Internet address, the link would continue all the way to the end of your document, which would also be somewhat inconvenient.

URLBut, you say, there has to be a simple way to insert an address with an embedded space! And you would be right. And yes, it actually is quite simple. This little trick was told to me quite a few years ago and while it most likely is buried somewhere deep in the bowels of the Microsoft website, I have always thought of it as an ‘undocumented feature’. Ready? Here it comes… And the answer is….. Angle brackets! Yup, angle brackets! Right about now, I can almost hear a fair number of you muttering “Sure… Thanks… But what the fuck are angle brackets?”. Think back to when you were in grade 3 learning Mathematics. Back then you were taught to use them for the “Less Than” and “Greater Than” signs. That’s right, those cute little left pointing and right pointing arrowhead looking thingies, “< " and ">“.

Ahhh.. But how do you use them? Glad you asked! Where you want to insert a URL with embedded spaces, the very first character you type is “< " followed by the link, spaces and all. When you get to the end of the address, end it with the ">” character. The next key you hit will cause the “< " and ">” to disappear from view and the entire URL will become an active link. Really! I swear on my left nipple! (Which is my favourite one!)
My clean shaven pussyLet me head off the flamers for a sec… Yes, I know you can go to the Insert Tab in Word and select “Hyperlink”, type in a phrase, select web page, enter the URL (yes, with spaces) and click OK. The only difference is you end up with a word or phrase being displayed that represents the underlying link (like all those occurrences of ‘Microsoft’ in this blog) and there are times you want the URL to be displayed. Of course, you could type the URL in as the text to be displayed as well as the link itself, but you have to admit that is a fair amount of typing and clicking when the shorthand version is two little-bitty characters.

Ok.. Gotta go. Time to get naked and naughty!

Till next time, Love you all!

Poppy xxxxxx

Dallas-Fort Worth Tornadoes


Yesterday, over a dozen tornadoes ripped through the Dallas-Fort Worth area with resultant damage to thousands of homes and businesses, but miraculously, no one was killed or seriously injured. If you look through some of the photographs or videos of the damage or of the tornadoes themselves, you have to wonder how that happened. Check out the slide show on Yahoo.com for some amazing pictures of the devastation.
April 3rd DFW Area Tornado. Photo By REUTERS TV/REUTERS

I have several friends in the DFW area and I am so glad everyone is okay.

Love to all, Poppy xxxxxx

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