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Microsoft Security Essentials – The Jury’s In

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Microsoft Security Essentials LogoA little while back, I wrote about my dissatisfaction with my ‘paid’ anti-virus solution and that I intended to give Microsoft Security Solutions a try. If you don’t remember my rant on the topic, that particular blog is located here. Well, I’ve been running Security Essentials for about five weeks now and I, for one, am perfectly satisfied with it. I was a little surprised that it does have some features that are normally associated with paid utilities such as scheduled auto updating, real-time protection, full detection history and auto cleanup of the quarantine area, just to name a few.

Anti-Virus ZombieMy two main reasons (well, three, actually) for wanting to stop using PC Tools SpyWare Doctor and for trying out MSE were 1) Full scans were taking too damn long, 2) the performance hit on my system could only be described as ludicrous (not to mention the with random BSODs after EVERY minor release) and 3) after renewing my Spyware Doctor subscription in August of each year, I should NOT have to put up with emails starting to arrive in May berating me that my renewal is coming up soon. Three months is soon? To make matters worse (if that is even possible) the arrive every fucking week!

Antivirus ScanOkay. PMS moment over. My biggest complaint is that it was starting to miss things. I would notice my system was not running right but SpyWare Doctor would claim all was well. Not totally convinced, like the cynical bitch I can be, I would run MalWareBytes which would find the virus/trojan and remove it. My next question was “Why the hell am I paying $69.99 a year for something that is not doing the job it was sold to do?”

To make things fair, after installing MSE, I checked the scan history after each weekly full scan finished and it was indeed finding the usual thingys like adware and tracking cookies and more importantly, removing them. I would then run MalWareBytes and for the last five weeks, it came back clean. So unless something goes radically wrong, I’m going to stick with Microsoft Security Essentials.

Virus InfectionIn the early days of the Internet web browsers, namely Netscape, were sold and not available for free. However, it wasn’t too many years until they started losing market share to new browsers, like Internet Explorer, that were offered free to the public with the result that Netscape Navigator also became a free product. Given my experience with anti-virus applications, it seems to me like history is about to repeat itself.

Chime in and let me know your opinion.

Love ya!

Poppy xxxxx

Pic of the Day! Ummm… Month?

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It's called a "C-String"Check this out. According to the advert, this unique outfit, aptly named the C-String, lets you “Say goodbye to panty lines and uncomfortable straps.” Tell me… What word popped into your evil little mind when you read that it’s called the C-String? “C” for Comfortable? Nah….”C” for Cozy? Uh-uh… Yeah, I know, me too. ‘Cunt’ was the very first thing I thought of. Now, most of you are aware that I do not have a problem with nudity or being nude myself, but if you’re going wear this to the pool, how do you take more than two or three steps without the damn thing falling off? Maybe I’m being a little slow tonight, but the physics of how that bottom stays in place is, quite simply, beyond me. If it’s supposed to be worn as panties, why bother wearing anything at all? I usually don’t wear panties except for those six or seven days during each lunar cycle. Perhaps if you’re an exotic dancer it would be a pretty good outfit, specially since you’re going to be taking it off anyway! Anybody out there own one of these or thinking of buying one? Let me know if it actually works!

Love ya! Poppy xxxxxxx

Sex With Robots: Is It Cheating?

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Sex RobotSex robots are here, guys. As is typical, they are targeted to the male of the species. Of course, I can understand that as guys constitute the majority of prostitution customers. But there is a developing ethical question regarding sex robots: Is it cheating to have sex with a robot partner or is it the equivalent of a woman masturbating with a vibrator or a guy fucking a Fleshlight? Further complicating the issue is some of the companies referring to the robots as ‘synthetic humans’.

Sex Bots from "I, Mudd"The concept of humanoid automatons has been a staple of science fiction for a hundred years. Trashy, low budget Sci-Fi flicks of the 50s used the humanoid robot thingy since they saved a ton of money on make up, costumes and special effects. In the sixties, the concept of sex bots made it to the telly. Remember the Star Trek episode “I, Mudd”? The doctor Ash in the movie ‘Alien’? Or Bishop in ‘Aliens’? Mr. Data in ‘ST-TNG’? We have become so accustomed to seeing life-like humanoid robots and androids in the media that it is not so much of a culture shock to have them become a reality.

Engineers and scientists have been working on robots for years with most of the advances coming from the United States and Japan. The first efforts were designed for use in industrial and educational settings and the concentration was on replicating human locomotion and the ability to recognize and use tools. Obvious uses would be the ability to work in environments that are hazardous to humans such as during a nuclear power plant leak. Robonaut-2 Robot Astronaut Handshake In the early days of robotics, robots were single function automatons, examples of which are the fixed-in-place welding bots we’ve all seen on automobile assembly lines. The push for multipurpose and general use robots resulted in robots being designed that resemble humans in form, fit and function. This makes perfect sense as if a robot is purposed to assist humans and will be required to navigate their way through an environment design for human locomotion and to use tools designed for human hands, then the best designed robot would be in the humanoid form of two legs, two arms with the ability to detect distance (two eyes needed for that), walk and navigate stairs and manipulate controls designed for human hands. Such a design has been developed by NASA and the resultant robotic torso is currently undergoing testing on the International Space Station.

Honda walking robotEnter the humanoid robot. Honda decided to make their robot bipedal rather than wheeled or tracked once it was found that humanoid bipedalism is the most efficient method of movement. It takes far less energy than other forms of locomotion as it uses gravity. Turns out that walking is actually falling forward and using your forward leg to stop the fall. Which explains why you tend to fall down a lot when yer drunk.

So, it was only as matter of time before the exterior of robots was made more humanoid and covered in synthetic skin, followed shortly thereafter by being made anatomically correct. A hotel chain in South Korea, in response to all forms of prostitution being made illegal, has rooms equipped with female sex robots for $25US a night. Hmmmm… Last year, a man in Japan married a female robot. Currently, consumers can purchase a female sex robot for around $25,000US. Seems to me if you want to get laid, dinner and few drinks would be the less expensive route.

Let’s get back to the ethics of all this. Seeing as how sex robots so closely resemble human women, is having sex with them any different from jerking off to a porn video or using a sex toy like the synthetic skin pussies sold on adult websites? For the ladies, is it any different than getting off using a life-like cock-shaped dildo? Can you imagine the legal issues that will arise when someone sues for divorce based upon the fact that their spouse spent all their time having sex with a robot?

Fuck BotPersonally, I haven’t given this a lot of thought. Would I be upset if The Boyfriend had sex with a female robot? Honestly, I’m not sure. Sort of depends on if he did it to see what it was like or if he did it instead of fucking me. Not to mention that there are a infinite number of degrees between those two points. Would I have guilt free sex with a robot? This is a bit hard to answer as well since all of poking around I’ve done on the web seems to indicate that the sex robot industry is overwhelming targeted toward men. Of course, ladies have had the option of fuck machines for decades now, but those are little more than a cock on a motorized pole that moves back and forth. Not at all like having a robotic copy of George Clooney on the rug in front of the fireplace, now is it? It’s hard to say if I would have sex with a female robot, either, because nowhere I’ve looked does it mention how articulated or functional their tongues are which is sort of important during girl-girl sex. If I’m going to eat pussy, I’d much rather have it attached to a real, live, responsive, wet and tasty woman. They probably have the responsive part licked (hee, hee), but I have my doubts about wet and tasty, which for me, are non-negotiable.

What about you? Does the thought of having sex with a robot arouse any interest in you or does it disturb you in any one of many different ways? Let me know your thoughts!

Love to all, Poppy xxxxxxx

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