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Alien Cathouse


The Alien Cathouse is the sci-fi inspired brothel set to open 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, according to The Las Vegas Review Journal. The new cathouse is the brainchild of the famous (infamous?) Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch and star of the HBO series ‘Cathouse’. He has hired as his ‘Chief Alien Design Queen’ his longtime friend, the former Hollywood Madam, Heidi Fleiss, who currently resides in Pahrump, Nevada.

Angelique Pettyjohn as Shahna in her 1979 Vegas RevueThe ladies will be outfitted in costumes and body paint inspired by Star Trek, Star Wars and other science fiction movies/shows. I can imagine all sorts of things, but then I have a particularly dirty mind! Captain Kirk’s Drill Thrall, Shahna, comes to mind… How about having a go with Counselor Troi? If you’re pressed for time, you may want to think about a blowjob from Lt. Natasha Yar… Princess Leia, Slave GirlFor those you into MILF’s, take a go around with Dr. Beverly Crusher. If you’re a big spender, why not all three?

But let us not forget Star Wars! After all, thousands of teenage boys discovered the joys of masturbation and soaked their sheets fantasizing about Princess Leia in her Slave Girl bikini! Hell, with that thing on, she may as well been naked! Galatea, the Mutant Hooker in Total RecallRemember Galatea, the mutant hooker on Mars in ‘Total Recall’ who had three tits? Kinda makes sense in a way… By using two hands and a mouth, all three nipples would get proper attention. I wonder if she had more than one pussy? Of course, it may be difficult for the brothel to find a gal built to play that role… Let’s not forget the epitome of smouldering sexuality, Agent Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson. Gillian Anderson, the sexy Dr. ScullyMulder, you don’t know what you’re missing! OK, the lesbian fantasies are running through me noggin again! I love a good stiff one (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more) but let’s face it… There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t entertained the thought of having her pussy eaten by another woman as well as returning the favor. There may be some who won’t admit it to themselves, but the thought most definitely has occurred to them.

Hof might just be onto something here. Fulfilling sexual fantasies sounds like a potential goldmine. I don’t think there will be any shortage of patrons, both male and female, lining up for this brand of Science Fiction based role-playing sex. Now don’t go throwing your morality at me. I’ve made no secret of my being in favor of legalized prostitution where it is regulated, health screened and taxed. It’s time to move out of the dark ages, people. Keep in mind besides the legal brothels in Nevada, we already have a form of legalized prostitution all over the planet. It’s called ‘Marriage’. You don’t think so? You go to a government office, pay a fee and receive in return a license to have sex. Explain the difference to me. Don’t misunderstand; I am NOT against the institution of Marriage and will most likely get married myself someday. Again. It’s just that I’m not against prostitution between CONSENTING adults or the use of or the participation in pornography. (Like my approval of porn is some big surprise!)

Poppy Payne's Cute Ass & Kitty
Would I criticize any woman for applying for a job at a legalized brothel? Or the men and women patrons? Nope. Would I get a job there myself? I haven’t really given it much thought. I realize it’s not for everybody, but the money is great and the work is much more pleasant than waiting on tables (which I HAVE done!). Maybe I would give it a try. I consider my self to be attractive and I’ve never had any complaints from my partners! Would I patronize a brothel for some for some girl-girl sex? Sure! How about with The Boyfriend for a three-some? Why not? He would most likely just stand there wanking off watching the girl and me going at it. After all, that is fairly high on every guy’s fantasy list! As an aside, these two photos of me (my tits and my bum) are somewhat tame. If you’d like to see more explicit ones, go to my Photo Page!

How about you? Tell my your opinions about all this and be honest! After all, I most certainly have been!

Love to all, Poppy xxxxxx

Pic Of The Day

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Today’s Pic Of The Day is, according to Mensa Candidate Joe Biden, all about a three letter word: J-O-B-S.. Sorry, guys, no tits or other naughty bits in this one… For that, check out my Poppy’s Pics Page.

Steve Jobs

Bill Clinton

Barack Obama

‘Nuff said!

Love you all, Poppy xxxxxx

Happy Christmas


So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Another year over,
And a new one just begun.

And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun.
The near and the dear ones,
The old and the young.

A very Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year.
Let’s hope it’s a good one,
Without any fear.

And so this is Christmas
For weak and for strong,
For rich and the poor ones,
The world is so wrong.

John Lennon,,, War Is OverAnd so Happy Christmas
For black and for white.
For yellow and red ones,
Let’s stop all the fight.

A very Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year,
Let’s hope it’s a good one,
Without any fear

And so this is Christmas
And what have we done?
Another year over,
A new one just begun.

And so Happy Christmas
We hope you have fun.
The near and the dear ones,
The old and the young.

A very Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year,
Let’s hope it’s a good one,
Without any fear.

War is over, if you want it…
War is over now.

Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year to one and all.

Peace, Poppy xxxxxx

Pic Of The Day — Eat Me

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No Means Eat Me Out FirstI saw this tee-shirt proudly worn by this pretty young gal and tried to find some way to disagree with it or criticize it, but honestly, I couldn’t think of a single objection. Matter of fact, I somewhat agree with the message! I wonder tho… Does she shave? Does she have a completely bald pussy or a landing strip? Me? Completely clean shaven… Anybody out there willing to take her up on her offer? I just might after a couple of glasses of vino!

Love ya! Poppy xxxxxxx

Firefox Ain’t What It Used To Be


Browser Wars

Is it just me or is the latest version of Firefox becoming as bloated as Internet Explorer? It used to be sleek, fast and easy to use. Nowadays, it seems to be slow, non-responsive and subject to all sorts of incompatibilities. No, my system does not have a virus, malware or spyware. I checked. I am fairly anal about security. Shit, I’m fairly anal about a lot of things! Just ask The Boyfriend. On second thought, maybe bringing up the subject of anal with the boyfriend might be, well, misconstrued. Back to the topic: My biggest complaint is the way Firefox interacts with Yahoo. I have Yahoo mail (one of the many email accounts I have for various purposes) and I use Yahoo IM for online chatting and video chats. It’s getting more and more frequent that Firefox hangs up when attempting to do something very simple like displaying an email or clicking on an embedded link. It sits there like a wounded animal with a grayed-out screen. There are few options at that point other than opening Task Manger and killing the process. When it’s restarted, it behaves itself for a spell but the lock up is sure to return. Granted, I leave my browser open on my desktop PC for days at a time, but that should be an issue if Firefox would release resources it is no longer using.

Yahoo GirlWhat I mean by this is that the longer you leave Firefox open, the more resources it demands. Upon initial start, it uses 186MB of memory. After several days, and sometimes just a few hours, it is using almost 1GB of memory, even with only 2 tabs open (usually Yahoo Mail and FaceBook). That says to me that it is not cleaning up after itself. Now I am not a huge Google proponent, but as a test I decided to use Chrome for a while and it most definitely is faster and in terms of memory usage, far more efficient.

I’ve always liked Firefox and have been using it exclusively since Microsoft inflected IE6 on the world. But come on, guys! Get your act together! Or I might just become a full time Chrome user.

Let me know what you think. Which browser do you use and why?

Love Poppy xxxxxx

Blast From The Past Pic Of The Day

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Holy Hard-on, Batman!A real blast from the past. When did the Batman television series first air, 1966? That was 45 years ago. Fourteen years before I was born! Me parents were 8 years old! Yet everyone knows about the campy series starring Adam West and Burt Ward as The Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin.The Batman character was a stoic chap who saw the serious side of every situation at which Robin would spurt out rhyming non sequiturs such as “Holy Crystal Ball, Batman! How did you see that one coming?”, “Holy Strawberries, Batman! We’re in a jam!”, “Holy Hand Grenade, Batman! We narrowly escaped being blown to pieces!” and “Holy Hood Wink!” (after being outwitted). For a massive but probably not totally complete list of Robin’s nonsensical exclamations, see the list on Robin’s Page.

Given Adam West’s portrayal of Batman with his deadpan delivery and overly long dramatic pauses that would end with a rushed, loudly proclaimed, well, proclamation, I’m of the opinion that a movie or telly show should be produced starring just two people: Adam West and William Shatner! I might just be on to something here! A battle of cheesy line deliveries!

With Robin being portrayed as an innocent, virginal and socially inept teenager in the series, when I ran across this photo on Anorak, the one phrase that immediately popped into me head was (naturally!): “Holy Hard-on, Batman!”

Love, Poppy xxxxxxx

Pic Of The Day – The Party’s Over!

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The Party's OverI found this photo while surfing the ‘net. I have no idea who owns it or who the poor young lady is, but it definitely shows that the party is, indeed, over! All I can tell you is that is isn’t me, but God knows it could be!

Poppy xxxxxx

Infected Memory Sticks


SD Memory CardsInfected memory sticks. Something most of us don’t think about. My experience may not be typical, but it seems to me that most people I know are painfully aware of the risks of visiting dodgy web sites and know enough not to click on those pesky pop-up boxes or to open attachments in questionable emails. All of which are good things! Naked Blonde Using A ComputerBut they never give a second thought to inserting an unknown memory stick in a USB port simply because it belongs to someone they know. I’m using the term memory stick generically. Everything I’m talking about applies to any external data device: memory sticks, SAN cards, external drives in carriers, ANY external data device. Treat them all with caution, because it’s like that old saying: When you have sex with someone, you’re having sex with everyone they’ve ever had sex with.

USB Thumb DriveMemory sticks, or thumb drives, if you prefer, are currently one of the leading ways of transmitting computer viruses and other nasties. Before you access a memory stick, think about the fact that you have no idea where it’s been prior to your own personal act of penetration (hee, hee). Run a virus and a malware scan before you access any files. Sure it may take a few minutes, but it will greatly reduce the risk of turning your computer file system into trash, which in the worst case will most likely require a reformat of your hard drive. Bye-bye data, documents and the crotch-shot photos of Brittney Spears, which, of course you have NO idea how they got on your computer in the first place!

If you lend your memory stick to others, please be aware that it may come back to you infected. I once worked for an organization where the systems were on an isolated network. No connectivity to the internet or to the corporate network and yet, viruses would routinely pop up from time to time. The only way they could have found their way onto the servers was from USB memory sticks.

So stay vigilant and scan those memory sticks. the computer you save may be your own!

Love, Poppy xxxxxxx

John Lennon – Gone, But Not Forgotten

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John Lennon“Johnny, we hardly knew ye…” Thirty one years ago today, John Lennon, age 40, was murdered in New York City by Mark David Chapman. John was an icon for a generation, their children, and their children’s children. I grew up listening to Beatles music, (Thank you, Mum!) and I still listen to and enjoy it today. John LennonI was almost 7 months old when John was slain so while I don’t have any remembrance of him personally, in listening to his recorded works both with the Beatles and without, I came to appreciate his impact on modern music, the peace movement and society in general. He and the Beatles influenced untold numbers of musicians and artists in general. Can you imagine what he else he might have contributed if he hadn’t been cut down at such an early age? John Lennon was a visionary, a musician, an author, an artist, a philosopher, an activist… In short, a Renaissance Man, if there ever was one.

The BeatlesRemembering back to your school days, were you ever asked which historical figure, living or dead, that you would like to meet? Without a doubt, John Lennon is on my short list. Taking his quest for world peace into account, I think it would be fascinating to hear his views on the state of things today. It has been said that America lost her innocence the day President Kennedy was assassinated and I do not dispute that. But I do believe that the loss of John Lennon had a like impact on an entire generation.

Rest in Peace, Johnny; We Hardly Knew Ye….

Love and Peace,

Poppy xxxxxxx

Exorcism – A Dirty Business


The ExorcistI must have watched The Exorcist a hundred times as it is one of my favourite horror movies. When a friend showed me this video, I was totally taken by surprise as when I turned around to see it, it had just started in full screen mode and I had no idea it was an advert. I thought perhaps an indie production doing a take-off on or a parody of The Exorcist. When it came to the end, I laughed so hard I almost pee’d myself! Take a look, enjoy and rest easy knowing that even when making use of an existing and well known plot line, there still exists a streak of originality in the advertising biz!

Love to all,

Poppy xxxxxx

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