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Yup. Zombies… Are you prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse? Impossible, you say? Improbable, perhaps, but not impossible. We have biologic happenings today that were unthinkable not that many years ago. Cloned animals, In Utero surgery, accident victims brought back to life after being clinically dead for 20 minutes… Russian scientists are currently working on inserting Wooly Mammoth DNA into a fertilized elephant ovum to bring the Mammoth back from extinction. Can reanimation of the dead be that far off?

I Kick Ass For The Lord!My concern is that we do not have any idea what zombies will be like once they’re up and walking about. Will they be the same person who died grateful they are no longer dead, or a mindless, soulless, brain eating ghoul as depicted in the cinema, or something in between? Like nice old Uncle Edgar who is rather pleasant to be around until he feels the need for a late night snack.

It raises all sorts of social issues as well. We have a huge employment problem going on. Do we really want to increase the number of people looking for work? How about people who re-marry after the death of a spouse. Wouldn’t it be a mite uncomfortable if your formerly dead husband came knocking while you and your new husband were having a proper shag?

Killing Zombies Takes CreativityWhich brings up another series of questions. Zombie sex. Should they be restricted to shagging each other, or will trans-death fucking be permitted? Could a never-been-dead gal getting laid by a formerly-dead guy become a Zombie by injection? Could be that blow jobs would be a safer alternative. After all, you can’t get pregnant by swallowing, so it might just keep you safe from being Zombiefied. And of course, could Zombie Porn be far behind?

Wow! My noggin is spinning. Seems the more questions I think of about integrating Zombies into today’s society only serves to generate more questions!

Tell me.. What questions or thoughts do you have about a Zombiefied society? And is Zombiefied even a word?

Love ya!

Poppy xxxxxx

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Panty SaleEver wondered what a pair of my panties would smell like? No? Well maybe it’s time you did….

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Poppy xxxxx

9/11 – The Day History Changed


It has been ten years since the tragedy that forever changed the world on what began as a calm, warm, sunshine filled day on September 11th, 2001. I don’t think there is anyone who does not remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when the attack occurred. The events of that day had worldwide repercussions, leaving no one untouched. The 9/11 attack was directed against the United States and took place on American soil but reverberated around the world as the victims were of several nationalities. We mourn the loss of those innocent lives and, in a way, the loss of our innocence. Subsequent terrorist attacks across the world have shown that no part of westernized civilization is immune.

The World Trade CenterOn September 11th, 2001, US Navy (ret) Captain Frank Culbertson was the only American astronaut who was off planet. He was the Commander of Expedition 3 on the International Space Station. The other crew members were Russian cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov and Mikhail Turin. Captain Culbertson had just finished the daily physical examinations of the crew when NASA flight surgeons radioed the station and told him of the events unfolding on the earth 250 miles below. As the ISS was about to pass over New England, he grabbed a video camera and went from window to window to get the best view of the New York area. The video he shot that day is the one you see here. His story of that day and his feeling of isolation can be read at Space.com and at NASA’s official website.

My heart goes out to all of those who lost loved ones and friends that day and in attacks that have taken place since then. I also want to express my gratitude and recognition for the sacrifice of the brave military members (and their families) from around the world who are fighting and dying so that we may live our lives.

Peace, Poppy xxxxx

Happy 45th Anniversary to Star Trek


Star Trek - Spock, Kirk & McCoy

I can’t believe I almost missed it, but on September 8th, 1966, the original Star Trek series debuted on NBC. That’s right, fellow geeks, it’s been 45 years. I was born 14 years too late to catch the original airing, but I loved watching the reruns of Star Trek when I was growing up. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was a genius for having an idea that resulted in 6 television series and 11 feature films.

Robbie the Robot - Forbidden Planet
He was heavily influenced by a groundbreaking 1956 film, “Forbidden Planet” which became a template for his vision of Star Trek. If you’re a Science Fiction fan, “Forbidden Planet” is a must-see film. It still holds up well today, unlike most of the 1950’s outer space treatments.

Pilot - Pike & Spock The original pilot episode, The Cage, starred Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike, Leonard Nimoy as Science Officer Spock and Majel Barrett as the Executive Officer. NBC rejected the pilot but instead of dismissing the concept, in a rare move, ordered a second pilot made. Nimoy and Barrett were the only two cast members to make it to the second pilot where Spock became the Executive Officer/Science Officer and Majel Barrett became Nurse Chapel and subsequently, Mrs. Roddenberry.

If you’d like to see a great Infograhic, check out “The Evolution of Star Trek” on Space.com. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing Star Trek to the masses and providing many, many hours of entertainment. Live Long and Prosper!

Poppy xxxxxx

New Pic Of The Day


A Gator's Gotta Eat, Too!

Hi, everybody and a Happy Labour Day to all! I can already smell the ribs slow cooking on the barbie (That’s the thingy you cook with, NOT the doll!). The weather is a welcome relief as it is no longer in triple digits! But let’s get to today’s Pic Of The Day, shall we? Read the sign. Understand what they mean you to do. Then look at what’s waiting at the side of the road. Could the sign have been erected by a company hired by the gators? Things that make you say “Hmmmmm!”.

Love you all and enjoy your holiday.

Poppy xxxxxx

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