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Does 3-D Have A Future?


Avatar Eye

What’s up with 3-D? For a while, it was all the rage. 3-D this and 3-D that was on the front page of every newspaper, news show and tech blog. When Avatar was released, it was considered to be the beginning of a revolution of a cinematic revolution. Maybe it’s just me, but we really don’t seem to hear that much about it anymore. Oh, there have been a spattering of 3-D movies released, but nowhere near the volume we were led to believe. Even the porno industry, who jumped on the bandwagon, seems to have lost interest in producing 3-D movies.

House of Wax Head in Box

To set things straight, this blog was not based upon any sort of market research or surveys, but is purely my own personal opinion. That being said, 3-D was doomed from the start. It’s a novelty, much like it was in the 1950’s with “House Of Wax”. Viewers are still required to wear uncomfortable glasses much like they did 60 years ago. One good change is that now they are made from plastic instead of cardboard and they do fit somewhat better over prescription glasses, but nonetheless, you have to wear them in order to watch the movie. I went to see Avatar when it came out and as we were late arriving at the theatre (Don’t ask me.. Ask the boyfriend… He’ll be late for his own funeral…) the only available seats were in the first row. At an IMAX Theatre. I wound up with a stiff neck and a raging headache after spending three hours watching a movie that didn’t really impress me. James Cameron should have named it “Ferngully Meets Dances With Wolves”.

And then there are 3-D television sets. They cost significantly more than the same size HD flat screens. Almost twice as much more. And you STILL have to wear the bloody glasses! If I were to buy one (which I’m not), I’d then have the privilege of spending twice as much money so I could wind up with an even more expensive headache.

I’m of the opinion that 3-D will continue to fade away and then make a resurgence in another 60 years! I’d love to see what THOSE glasses look like!

Till next time,

Love, Poppy xxxxx

Pic of the Day


Geek ScrunchieIt is way past time for another “Pic of the Day”. I really should start calling this feature “Pic of Whenever I Get Around To It”… But I digress!

As you are no doubt aware, we geeks are an innovative and inventive bunch and we do tend to think outside the box. As Plato once wrote in the Republic, “Necessity is the mother of invention!”

When faced with a mini-hair-crisis, what’s a girl to do? Have you ever needed a scrunchie while at work and couldn’t find one anywhere? Simple! Grab the nearest fiber optic cable and….

I Hate Toolbars!


I Hate Toolbars

OK… This photo is a bit over the top, but I have seen browsers on people’s PCs that look very similar. For the life of me, I cannot fathom why people think they need toolbars. First off, I bet they never click on most of them. Second, I know for a fact they have no idea how most of them ended up being installed. Toolbars eat up memory resources, take up screen real estate that could otherwise be used to actually see the page you’re trying to display, share information about you without your knowledge and add absolutely nothing useful to your browsing experience.

How did they get there, you might ask? YOU installed them! The vast majority of people installing an application take the easy way out and merely click though. You keep hitting the ‘NEXT’ button until it ceases asking you questions and finally installs the damn thing. Unfortunately, one of the dialog boxes you clicked through asked for your permission to install a toolbar, and then, by default, it simply installed a toolbar. In the process, in all likelihood, it also changed your homepage to point your browser to their website as well as your default search engine.

Friends Don't Let Friends Install Toolbars

Whenever you install anything, read each and every dialog box to make sure you actually want it to do what it says it is going to do. Most times, the toolbar installation can be avoided by un-ticking a option box. A word of warning: If there are nested option boxes, un-tick the lowest level one first and work your way up. Otherwise, you may prevent the toolbar installation but still grant it permission to change your home page and your default search engine.

Next time, “How To Remove Toolbars” because in case you hadn’t noticed, “I Hate Toolbars!”

Love ya!

Poppy xxxxxx

For All You iPad, iPhone, ‘Droid & Blackberry Geeks!


Homer Simpson Tested!Hey, guys! As a prime example of my not-always-so careful planning, I never thought to take into account the fact that the blog would not auto-size in order to display properly on tablets and smartphones. I spent time verifying it displayed correctly for those using different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Avant, Safari, Opera and yes, even Internet Explorer), but I never thought to check the display on handhelds! D’oh! Thankfully, it has been brought to my attention and I have remedied the situation.

I’ve now added and configured a WordPress plugin to detect handhelds accessing the blog and display it properly so as to compensate for my short-sightedness. I’d really appreciate it if all of you with different handhelds can provide me with feedback on how things look from your perspective.

Love to all!

Poppy xxxxxx

Secure Your Home Wi-Fi


Secure Your Home Wi-FiHave you ever sat up nights worrying about who is using your Wi-Fi Internet access and what they’re doing with it? You’re not alone. Keeping your home Wi-Fi network secure from leeches can be daunting to the uninitiated, but modern day wireless routers and access points have greatly simplified the setting of security parameters from early days of requiring an advanced degree in Celestial Mechanics.

There is no single approach or methodology to provide wireless security. Instead, there are a number of things that should be configured, each of which provides incremental tightening of security.

At this point you might be thinking “So what if my neighbor can connect to my Wi-Fi? It’s not like it’ll cost me anything.” But you would be wrong. Just ask the gentleman in Buffalo whose home was raided at 6:30 in the morning by ICE agents who had tracked the IP address of his unsecured wireless router as having been used to download thousands of child pornography images. Six agents with guns drawn held him down on the floor while they confiscated all of his computer equipment and mobile devices. He was taken into custody and held in a federal detention center. Lucky for him, three days later, the forensic investigators determined that the actual culprit was one of his neighbors who had been stealing his bandwidth.

Still think you don’t need to secure your Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Let’s go over the basics. More and more wireless routers and access point are implementing “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”, often expressed as WPS. WPS simplifies the security configuration process by having you entering a PIN, or in some implementations, pressing a button. Just be aware that not all manufacturers have implemented WPS and the client devices (i.e. your Wi-Fi cards) must support it as well. So if you’re buying new equipment, look for the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” label.

If you do not have devices that provide WPS, you will have to manually configure a few settings. Fortunately, they are not complicated, although the exact method varies depending on which router or access point you own. So your first step should be to download the user manual for your particular device by searching the Internet with the model number.

Determine how to login to your device. Although it does depend on who manufactured your device, a common way is to enter into your web browser which will present you with a login screen asking for your username and password.

Once you’re in, modify the following settings:

  • Change the network name (SSID) from the default name. Make it anything you want like “UseThisOneMom” or to confuse your neighbors, “No Signal Found”.
  • Change the administrative credentials (username and password) that allow you to login to your Access Point/Router/Gateway.
  • Enable WPA2-Pre-Shared Key (aka WPA2-PSK) with AES encryption
  • Create a completely random network passphrase at least 40 characters long using a combination of letters, numbers and punctuation marks.
  • Enable WPA2 security features on your client device and enter the passphrase for your network.

These steps are simple enough for almost anyone to accomplish in 5-10 minutes. There are more exhaustive configuration changes you can do, but by making these few modifications, you will be far more secure than the 56% percent of wireless networks that are completely wide open! If you’d like to read more about Wi-Fi security, visit the Wi-Fi Alliance website.

Love to all!

Poppy xxxxx

Beware! Scareware Ahead!


Beware the Scareware!Scareware applications, posing as legitimate virus removal programs, are all the rage. You’re surfing the ‘net, perhaps clicking on a link that takes you to nasty-nasty land and all of a sudden, pop-ups everywhere warning you that your computer is infected with several viruses, malware and whatnot. Some of them are obviously bogus with misspellings, atrocious grammar and blatant inaccuracies. Others however, like the one in the photo above, seem legitimate and after all, it is promising to rid you of undesirable crap-o-la. You may not remember installing a program with that name, but if multiple people use the computer, you could easily assume it was installed by another member of your family or a friend. As in your boy friend… Harrumph…

DO NOT click on anything in the pop-up box because this program, which is now telling you how many viruses and trojans it has detected on your PC, is the virus itself! The authors of the ScareWare are attempting to exhort money from you to remove the spyware/virus/malware that they themselves installed! It’s a lot like the the old protection rackets used by the mob back in the day. Instead:

1. Run Task Manager and use it to kill the process.

2. Next download MalWareBytes Anti Malware (free AND effective) which is your best chance of killing whatever has been installed. If MalWareBytes doesn’t completely clean your PC, Google the name of the application in the pop-up box along with the word ‘removal’ and see what might be available to help rid you of it. I guarantee you won’t be the only person who was hit with it.

3. If all else fails, download and run Trend Micro’s HiJack This! and post the results on a tech forum like Tom’s Hardware so the wizards that analyze these logs on a daily basis can let you know exactly what you need to blow away.

4. Be prepared that if you can’t clean the PC, or get a friendly neighborhood geek to help out, you may, as a last resort, have to format your hard drive and perform a clean install. But before you do anything drastic like that, ask for help on forums, or drop me an email.

Well, that’s all for now, gang. Let me know if you’d like more information on how to handle things like this.

Love you all,

Poppy xxxxxx

The Worst Job In The World


So. You think you have a lousy job, huh? Wanna trade places with Jayne Pitt? Jayne works at Sheffield Caravans in the UK. (For the Yanks reading this, ‘Caravan’ is the British term for ‘Motor Home’.) IMHO, she takes the cake for having the shittiest job in the world! Tony Robinson, host of the BBC series “The Worst Jobs In History”, really needs to talk to this woman… This video was posted on YouTube by Sheffieldcaravans, but I found it on one of my favourite websites, The Anorak News. Watch the video and tell me if you still think you have it rough at work!

Love ya all!

Poppy xxxxxx

I Want One Of These!


Nice tits!

I saw this pic on the web and besides the fact that she has a gorgeous bod and really nice tits, the T-shirt is fantastic and I want one! And believe me, I can fill it out just as well as she can. Maybe even better. Just ask the boyfriend!

If you need an explanation of what it means, just ask any web developer… It’ll be a good way to break the ice with a geek!

Poppy xxxxxx

Have You Been Demotivated Yet?


condoms and umbrellas
Hi! I’ve added a new page to the blog which contains random Demotivational Posters!

Click on the link “Demotivators” in the menu bar and you’ll see a random selection of eight totally amusing Demotivational Posters created by the wacky guys at Demotivators! If you’ve ever needed a reason to view the world in a totally twisted, demoralizing way, this is it! Enjoy!

Poppy xxxxxxxx

Everybody Needs A Hobby….


Yeah, but this guy went a little too far! According to the Swedish Police, 31 year old Swede Richard Handl was arrested for trying to split atoms in his kitchen. Yup, in his kitchen. In the sink, to be precise. He had purchased (how, I have no idea!) radium, americium and uranium radioactive isotopes and had tried for months to set up a nuclear reactor. He kept a blog on his experiments including a description of how at one point he created a small meltdown on his stove.

At that point, he realized it might not be completely legal and sent a query to Sweden’s Radiation Authority regarding his work. The Authority responded by calling the police. He now faces up to two years in prison and hefty fines. The Police are refusing to comment.

Richard acknowledges the project probably wasn’t such a good idea. “From now on, I will stick to theory,” he said. Maybe he should just try to find a safer hobby like bungy jumping or sword swallowing!

By the way, it’s sort of a phallic photo, don’t ya think? (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!)

Love ya!

Poppy xxxxxxx

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